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Home Page

The Home Page provides an entry point for the two primary functions of this website:



Select this option to perform common searches such as address, land document, street, subdivision, and zoning. Dataset specific searches can also be performed from the Data Viewer Page.



Select this option to browse the Data Catalog for currently available datasets. If you don't see a dataset of interest, you can sumbit an Open Records Request by clicking here.

Data Catalog Page

The Data Catalog Page can be use to browse and search for datasets available on this site. It displays basic dataset information including name, description, and popularity. It also serves as the main entry point into the Data Viewer Page.

To search for a dataset, enter one or more search keyword into the text box at the top of the page and click the Search button. To clear a search, simply delete all text from the text box.

To browse for a dataset, simply scroll the page or click on one of the Category Quick Links to automatically scroll to a particular section.

Once you have located your dataset of interest, click Dataset Name to view the dataset contents within the Data Viewer. Additional links are provided below the preview image. Use these links to launch the Data Viewer with the corresponding tab automatically selected.*

* Preview images are only shown in desktop mode. On smaller devices, such as mobile phones, preview images and links are hidden.

Data Viewer Page

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Developer API Page

The Developer API Page provides basic instructions for accessing our datasets programatically. This access allows website developers to integrate our data directly into their own maps and websites.

Data API


The Data (Records) API is used to retrieve information for any dataset. It is the preferred method for accessing data to be consumed or displayed in a tabular format. If the dataset has a spatial (map) component, the spatial information is returned as a simple latitude and longitude coordinated in decimal degrees.



The Map API is used to retrieve information for datasets that include a spatial (map) component only. It is the preferred method for accessing data to be consumed or displayed within a map. The returned spatial (map) component includes the full feature geometry. The format is easily consumed in a Microsoft Bing Map © using the Bing Map API.